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Font Use in Graphics


Apologies if this topic has been answered before. I was wondering about using fonts in something to be published as a commerical project.

From what I’ve gathered, it’s alright to use fonts that came with a piece of legitimate software in derivative works without any further requirements. Thus, it’d be safe to use a computer which has no internet-downloaded fonts for such projects.

Is this correct? Is there any problem with using a font, breaking the letters into outlines, and adjusting them for a logo or book cover graphic? What would this mean under the EULA?


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You shouldn’t have any problems with the ways in which you wish to use the font software. The stickiest problem most people run into is embedding in PDFs to be re-sold (dowloadable books) or some other form of reselling the font software itself.

You might be interested in a chart which was created by Nathan Matteson and myself in regards to comparing a handful of type foundry’s EULAs.

In general the FontLab Wiki has a lot of interesting information and I would encourage more non-type designers to read it.