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Which font is 'You are Loved' based on?


Could anybody tell me if the font 'You are Loved' font is based on an existing font? Or does anybody know a font that is very similar, but without the distressed look?

Link to the font here: http://www.dafont.com/you-are-loved.font



Looks like squooshed Impact.

It does, thanks. Do you know any font's out there similar to a squashed impact, without the distressed look?

Helvetica Inserat.

Why not squooshing Impact?

Thanks. I need to use this font quite regularly, so really need a ready made 'squooshed impact, so I don't have to keep squooshing it!

URW++ has a Condensed version

URW++ Condensed is absolutely perfect!

Thanks both for your help.