Tea & Lips - font ID please

Hi, could anybody id the font used on these two images please? Thank you.


I think TEA REVIVES YOU looks like Toronto Gothic, a revival by Andrew Leman of what he says was probably Condensed Titling Gothic No. 11. He rounded the corners just like your sample, and so I think this is the font used. I think the two shorter words were 'squooshed' graphically to fit better, but I think they are the same font.

It's not clear to me that your second sample is the same font, but it is certainly a similar style. I found this one by searching with the terms 'woodtype sans-serif'.

- Mike Yanega

http://Headline One, squeezed and stretched.

That turns out to be about the same answer, since the HPLFS fonts were done by Andrew Leman before he started e-phemera fonts.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks very much to both of you!