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I am looking for a font similar to SF Movie Poster for headlines and pulled quotes to be used in a high school yearbook. My only problem with SF Movie Poster is that it does not come in any variations, so I would really like a font with at least 6 weight options. My other concern is budget. Being a high school in this economic situation means that we have no budget for anything extra, so the font will be funded by staff members. I'd love to keep it as close to $200 or less if possible, but if there's a free font out there, all the better!

Below you can see what I'm generally going for design wise. I have considered fonts like Helvetica Condensed Bold, Black, and other variations, but I'm not a fan of the R's. I really want something really crisp and clean like SF Movie Poster.

I'm also looking for a different body copy font to try out. Currently, I'm using Serifa, but we've used Arno Pro (because of the millions of variations that it has) and san serifs along the lines of Franklin Gothic in the past as well. I'm not sold on using a san serif because I'm already using two others for headlines and subheads, but suggestions would be awesome!

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Helvetica's 'R' bothers me sometimes too.
Condensed Sans Serifs:
Chalet Comprime
Univers Condensed
Trade Gothic Condensed
Alternate Gothic
Steelfish (free)
League Gothic (free)

Body Copy font:
Sentinel (as used here)
Crimson Text (free)
Serifa and Arno Pro are great too.

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Thanks, ralphsmouse! I really like Trade Gothic, League Gothic, and Sentinel. Steelfish is really nice, too, but unfortunately our newspaper publication uses it sometimes so that one's out of the question.

Sentinel is definitely on my wish list. It's beautiful.

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