How to equally distribute space between nodes in FL?

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Well, the title says it all.
Illustrator has this function that equally distributes space between selected nodes.

And I can't seem to find one in FL5. Searched in the manual, in the internets - no luck.
That would save me lots of time without needing to measure space between nodes, divide it by 2 and then position third node in the middle manually.

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All those alignment features are indeed missing. I just copy and paste it to Illustrator, make the adjustments there and copy it back again.
Make sure you have an Illustrator document that is compatible to your font metrics:

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Activate the ruler tool. Hold control, drag a ruler between the points, release the mouse button, and use the resulting pop-up window to create a guide 50% between the two points. Place the point on the guide and then delete the guide.

Or just write a robofab script that measures the selected path segment and inserts a point along the way.

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Thats a good tip with a ruler - thanks!

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Fog had the simplest and most flexible tool for this. Select one, two or x number of points, type cmmd-= and the reference point jumped to the middle of the selection.

To damn elegant for FL, I guess.

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Fog = Fontographer
FL = FontLab

David, do you know if they retained that functionality in the latest version of Fontographer?

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CorelDraw's solution is even more elegant: simply select a nodes with the Node Tool and hit the plus sign on the numeric keypad. CorelDraw inserts a perfectly centered node following the selected point based on contour rotation...

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>David, do you know if they retained that functionality in the latest version of Fontographer?

Yes, cmmd-B.

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Cool. Now, if only Adam would jump on and say that this had also been adopted for the no doubt imminent release of FL 5.05!

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Why would they do that? How could they sell fog of FL does everything fog does?

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1) Price difference.
2) People who never got comfy with FL and would like to go back home.


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#2 Yup!

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3) There are simply some things FOG does better than FL.

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