(x) Brendel Informatik - Albany > Andorra > Andromeda {Mike Yanega}

I recently came across a “Lots-o-Fonts For a Pittance” CD that I’d actually never seen before. Curious what was on it, I forked over the few bucks and discovered that it was full of Brendel Informatik fonts.

I know what this company is about and, sure enough, I recognized lots of commercial clones as well as ripoffs of a few of the early shareware font folks. Plenty of just plain junk as well.

Anyhow, there are about 14 fonts/families on the CD that caught my eye but which I don’t recognize. I’d like to occasionally post one for your ID perusal so as to learn of the original font where possible.

The first is called Albany (occasionally, the name comes into play in the form of a weak pun on the original font’s name. Macbeth gets the name Hamlet on the CD for instance ). The last line in my sample image uses a very similar font on the CD called Sirius.

I know it looks like one mighty crappy font, but I can’t help but wonder what a well done original might look like. I really like some of the basic letterforms.

Earlier this year, Manfred Klein offered a creation of his called HerdeckeSans (look toward the bottom under Text Fonts) that surely had the same inspiration. Trying to research that name Herdecke online got me nowhere.

Any ideas?


I think there is no well done original: I fear this
might be the crappy original. ;) Doesn’t ring a bell.

I knew I had seen this one before. It’s in the old FontBank collection, called “Andorra”. Their notes (back in the days when sources were acknowledged) said this was based on a font called “Andromeda”. This is still available at http://www.buyfonts.com/value_for_money/andorra.htm for $2.


Thanks for the comments Mike. Apparently BuyFonts.com has a license to distribute the FontBank fonts. They have a copy of the FontBank license agreement, I believe, on their site attributing these fonts and their copyrights to FontBank. Mine not to ask why, it’s just nice to know somewhere they can be found. I still get a lot of ID requests that were fonts they had in their collection. I wish I could also find someone distributing NovelFonts. That was another set distributed by Tiger Direct in the mid-90’s in the Expresiv Ornate collection. Anyone know if they are still out there?

I share your wish for online samples of that FontBank/Tiger
/Expresiv/Castcraft crap if only for reference’s sake. Would
be very helpful.

But the fact that it’s not distributed anymore is a blessing
to all those who designed the original fonts that were
swiped and sold by those knockoffers.

Mike — Looks like this is the place to get the scoop on Expresiv Fonts.

Stephen — The real bummer is when the clone gets so popular that the original disappears

“knockoffers” … I like it.


That site apparently doesn’t have anything for sale, and you’ll notice that the Expresiv Ornate collection is not among them (those were the NovelFonts). (See Andorra in the Classic set?)

I provided the link as confirmation from the source that *most* of the Expresiv Fonts CDs (via Tiger) are, as he says, no longer available.

I see now what you mean about the Ornate/NovelFonts.

BTW, I mentioned the urgency I sometimes feel to hunt up the original font for a knockoff. Just last year you helped me via e-mail to ID Casady & Greene’s Gazelle as the original for a clone I had and liked very much. Now C&G is gone.

Thanks again.