Innen Dekoration magazine font


This scan comes from a german magazine titled "Innen Dekoration" printed in 1914. Can anyone help me identify it?




The style suggests an Antiqua face, but exactly whose escapes me at the moment...

Think this may be Tiemann-Mediaeval which has a digital revival by Gerhard Helzel. I have this, including a full sample of the Roman and Italic in the Serif Font ID Guide, but I do not have a foundry link. Maybe someone can locate a source, but I got my sample from a friend who may know Helzel ( the font was done in 1995).

- Mike Yanega

Yes, Mike is right.

Tiemann Mediaeval was designed by Walter Tiemann. Klingspor published the Regular in 1909, with a Halbfett (Bold) following in 1911, and a Kursiv in 1912. Gerhard Helzels’s digitization comprises 5 fonts: all 3 styles based on the 72pt cut, plus the Regular and Italic based on ca. 10pt.
Helzel’s Edition Romana Hamburg has one of the more eccentric website designs.

Thanks for the link Florian. The site seems like a virtual catalog of Fraktur and Gothic typefaces, but are all those available as fonts from that site? The 18-page PDF seems to repeat the material from the site pages, but there seemed to be no links for seeing complete character sets, or for ordering either. Being unable to understand German doesn't help, but there seemed to be pricing for everything.

- Mike Yanega

Yes, all those typefaces seem to be available as digital fonts. There are no complete glyph set images. I can’t comment on the quality. Looking at the website, one could easily dismiss the whole thing as amateurish, but maybe that’s unfair. I should give it a try, one day, and then report here.

Some information from the PDF, translated:

The fonts marked with * feature Nordic characters (Å å Æ æ Ø ø ſl ſk). Newer typefaces include the ligatures that weren’t in existence prior to 1910 – ft and tt, after R. Koch. […] Shipping: only via email attachment, hence no extra costs. Please specify whether Macintosh or PC, TrueType or PostScript is desired. New: OpenType also available.

Some personal experience with Herr Helzel:

Back in late 2005, I e-mailed him to inquire about purchasing a copy of the splendid script face, Derby. He replied (in pretty good English, BTW) that the easiest way was to simply send him the 15 Euro's and he would e-mail me the font on receipt - which he very promptly did.

The font was made in 2000 and is quite competently made.

Thanks a lot to everyone!