What font should I use?

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What font should I use?

I need to create a logo for a robotics group, the CyberKnights.

I am thinking of having CYBER in one font, sort of like a more modern font, and having KNIGHTS right next to it in a more old looking font. (And no, I am not looking for a combination of Arial and Old English Text, otherwise I would be embarrassed to be on this forum.) Afterwards I was planning on making slight adjustments to the logo, such as turning the T into a sword or something generic like that.

Alternatively, I could just put the whole logo in one font.

Notes: I've tried slab serif (Vitesse, Sentinel, Soho...) but it's not really doing it for me. It creates more of a varsity sport look.

At the moment I lack inspiration, and I need either a perfect font or two different fonts that complement each other perfectly. Any ideas?

At this point even crazy stuff would work (something electrifying, etc., but not Jokerman obviously lol)

EDIT: For clarification, I don't want to use anything calligraphic or anything reminiscent of old English / medieval text.

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What is your price range?

The following are either free or default:

Eurostile (default on both my older PC and my Mac)
Dearest (available on such websites like fontspace)

If you are willing to pay you can check out Monarchia

and Zeppelin

Storm Type Foundry has many fonts you can check out - they are really high quality, even their free fonts!

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... or something generic like that.

Alternative A: Hire a professional designer
Alternative B: Rewind the process and start with an actual idea
Alternative C: Carry on, as you were, making the world a slightly worse place for all of us

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Is Amelia too cliché?

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Frode is right, of course. But if this is an amateur job, as I suspect, you could play with the monospaced appearance of a programmer font for “Cyber” and that of a blackletter face for “Knights”.