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Anyone identify this blue note sleeve typeface?

Can anyone identify the main typeface used on the sleeve for 'Charisma' by Lee Morgan released on Blue Note in 1969 (i think), any help would be much appreciated!


Deutsch Black (Barry Deutsch, 1966) - a VGC (phototype) typeface. I know of no digital version.

Mike, do you have some old VCG catalogs?

- Mike Yanega

BTW, I think Loudine Condensed looks like a pretty close recreation of this same typeface.

- Mike Yanega

James Grieshaber's Glyphic is similar.

You use the lower case to get alternate forms, but it's unicase otherwise, if that means all the same height. For LEE MORGAN, I used the l.c. e, m, a and n.

- Mike Yanega

Mike - yes, I have a worn copy of the 8th edition (1980).

Loudine seems to borrow from both Deutsch Black and Glyphic, but is not a match to either. It's probably as close as you can get digitally, though.

Coltrane by Swifty is quite close.



You guys are good. I posted this on another site and it's still unanswered.
I'm going to go with Loudine.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Mike, that catalog is the only copy you have? If so, too bad. I wouldn't mind getting one. Can you e-mail me the publication details so I can hunt for one?

- Mike Yanega

Hi Ed, I can send you a good scan of this from a VGC catalog if that will help

Very cool, Nick.

Was this just coincidence - or did you really (I suspect) whip this out in 11 days or less? In any case, thanks for making it.

did you really (I suspect) whip this out in 11 days or less?

You suspect correctly; the task was lightened by the fact that this particular design required only a small number (338) of kerning pairs, even including kerning caps following lowercase letters because of variant letterforms in the lowercase positions.