Please ID weird Western Font

The 'Brook Bros' font. Please ID you font wizards!


Yes, thank you, very close! Altough, the bumps on Pilot Point are a little bit exaggerated compared to the font in the image. If I were to use a font that was close and not exact, I think I'd use something slightly more toned down. I don't agree with the original font choice, the guy is a dump truck renter, not a Wild West theme park.

Some other alternatives: Broadgauge Ornatte (link below); Tuscan Gothic; and Bindweed

I thought Broadgauge was most similar, but all had spurs of some kind on the end of strokes as well as the middles.

- Mike Yanega

It occurs to me that seeing the script is from Letterhead Fonts, that maybe the Tuscan is too. Have you checked there?

- Mike Yanega