Early Gothic/Grotesque lowercases (Late 19th - Early 20th Century)

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I saw this specimen of Gothic Light Face and I'd like try my hand at (re)constructing the lowercase, I'm aware that many of these early gothics didn't have a lowercase counterpart, however, looking at the Gothic Special it seems I could derive an understanding of how the lowercase might've been intended for the Light Face. My intention isn't strictly about revival – maybe a re-interpretation?

What other sources I could look at to understand how a lowercase could be constructed for this kind of gothic? (19th Century American gothic?.

Any help appreciated!

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Take a look at type specimen books of that era. There are plenty of them on Google Books and Archive.org. The 1912 ATF specimen book is a good start and if you have time try books from Barhart Brothers and Spindler and The Inland Type Foundry. BB&S has some of the richer books due to them flagrantly ripping off everyone else (flagrantly even for that era!).

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Great thanks for these, I'm getting an idea of how they might be... however I think I'd rather move away from that direction!

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