Is it the big leagues when someone starts pirating your fonts?

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I routinely google the term Fontry. That is the name for our very small foundry. The name turns up in some very interesting places. It's usually good for a laugh. Yesterday, I found that I could download almost our entire catalogue on filesonic, and we are in good company. Many of the largest foundries are represented/pirated there. I wasn't certain if I should be angry, amused, or flattered. Now I have to go through all of the red tape to get our fonts removed, afterwhich I have to keep doing searches waiting for the person to put them online somewhere else. I would love for someone to help me see the silver lining in this.


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Good Gosh... aren't there any hackers on typophile who can NUKE these sites? :-)


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It's not the big leagues; it's business as usual on the Wild Wild Web...

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I would love for someone to help me see the silver lining in this.

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I like it. It feels nice when they put them together in a nice package. If they pirate you, it means they like your work. I don't like those trash heap 100000000 font collections because they're slapped together with no care. They've got multiple versions of the same fonts, broken fonts, improperly named fonts, converted by Alltype junk... it's disrespectful.

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I guess congratulations are in order

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I would say its an honor. The music theft pov goes like this:

1. Piracy is a fairly sincere form of flattery.
2. In the "attention economy," they're actually helping get your work "out there." ie. With hundreds of thousands other fonts out there, the trick is getting people to notice your work.
3. The people stealing your work aren't people who were likely to buy it anyway. They're kids, students, etc. - people not even close to being professional designers. It's a homemade educational discount.

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