Suetterlin bookplate

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I came across this oddity in an antiquarian bookseller’s catalogue recently. The text is in a formalised, presumably engraved version of Sütterlin script, which I thought my interest typophiles.

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»Der ungeſühnte Frevel«
Dr. med. Mathilde Ludendorff«

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Thanks, Andreas. It's sort of a disturbing image for a doctor to have as a bookplate.

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Thank you for sharing this, both the image and text are very striking. The image feels like William Blake has depicted death as a masked wrestler, both wonderful and utterly bizarre!

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Thank you, John, for posting this. The ‘r’ with the symmetric base is interesting, and weird. Any chance that you could add this to the Kurrentschrift group that Nina and me started on Flickr?

For those who want to learn more about Mathilde Ludendorff and her Weltbild, there is a Wikipedia entry about her.

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Thanks for the Wikipedia link, Florian.

She believed that the Dalai Lama was controlling the Jews in their supposed attempts to destroy Germany through Marxism, Roman Catholicism, capitalism and Freemasonry.

Yikes! As far as metaconspiracies go, that’s hitting all the targets; I reckon you only improve on that by saying that the Dalai Lama is an extraterrestrial lizardman.

Now that bookplate image seems even more disturbing. I suppose it represents these nefarious forces sapping the life energy of the Volk.

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This is the closest thing I’ve seen yet to a »Schaftſtiefelkurrent«.

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