onlliinnee Operating System Press Release

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onlliinnee Operating System Press Release

“onlliinnee” is meant to be an opensource foss operating system. It
is meant to be free os and a linux based distro. What is meant to be
different and planned about onlliinnee is: only unique fonts,
software, development, a specific website home page on the browser,
startup screen connects to video website/s, related with model
railroad / railway, diecasting and ‘automation over internet
protocol’ (AOIP) especially Rail Model AOIP (RMAOIP) and is for Srila
Prabhupada: the always on eternal spiritual initiating and education
guru. Regarding any questions about this, send message to:
onlliinnee (after joining

For some "onlliinnee" gear (t-shirt, cap, jersey, time piece etc)

copyright 2011 onlliinnee. all rights reserved worldwide.

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What exactly do you mean by "only unique fonts"?

Oh, wait, you're not actually monitoring this forum, just posting notices and expecting us to join some other thing to respond. pfeh.

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@Thomas Phinney:
What exactly do you mean by "only unique fonts"?

I think we know the answer to that. One of the letters in each of them will look funny.

However I went to, and I couldn't find anything about model railroading there, it was just the page about the operating system.

I wasn't interested in installing that, but I would have been curious about the startup home page which the operating system would have.