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Hi typophils!

Let me just post my recent work – a custom lettering for the Anna Marešová’s diploma work, which is…well, collection of sex toys :)

Any comments are really welcome while it’s still in progress!

riccard0's picture

I like it. Maybe the loop of d is a little too large (or the counter is a little too small). Also the loop of p doesn't flow as nicely as the one of d.

Jiří Toman's picture


thanks for your comment! I personally like the shaping of ‘d’ while it resembles falus a bit – which is correct in this case :) But I will try more variants. And you are totally right about the loop of ‘p‘, I should work more on that. And on ‘h’ as well, it’s not as ‘swanky‘ as I want :)

Thanks again!

PabloImpallari's picture

Great work!
Maybe the exit stroke of the 'h' can join the 'o' a little higher, close to the middle of x-height. The same apply for d_e and d_o.

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