Geometric Sans, Black weight

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I'm working on the black weight of a geometric sans. It's meant for large point sizes. For far there's A to z with metrics. No kerning yet.

I'd really appreciate a moment of your time to give some feedback. I'd like to hear your opinion of the work so far, are the any quirky curves, evenness of strokes, design, balance, spacing, etc. I'm aiming for quality result, so please be as picky as you like.

I'd like to keep angles sharp (/A, /V, /N), is it something you wouldn't recommend? Why?

I've made some alternate glyphs, as I'm not yet sure if to make the font more geometric or softer or maybe include all alternates into the font. Some glyphs like the spurless /r.alt doesn't seem to fit in with the rest.

What are your thoughts?

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a.alt doesn’t fit in (too light, too grot). If you would like to have a two-storeys a, you should look at Kabel’s.

In general, I like it. The question is: how it differentiate itself from other similar designs? (but it could well be a non-problem, maybe you just want/need your own black geometric typeface)

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Thanks riccard0. I'll think about that Kabel /a, it's very interesting but I have to be careful not to make that /a too distinctive. Differentiating is not going to be a problem, there's going to be other weights added later on that will fix this. But it would be nice to hear what other typefaces come in to mind from my design?

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This is a very strange mix of different styles (geometric, grotesque) which has potential, but I don't think it works when it goes neo-grotesque (the alt 'a'). Try an angled terminal there instead of horizontal and it will fit better with the other glyphs.

But it would be nice to hear what other typefaces come in to mind from my design?

Futura Maxi

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I like this kind where the corners stay sharp through the black weight. Few faces do this that also have a lowercase.

M.alt is a little too heavy and W.alt is really too heavy.

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Stephen: Thanks for the links. Metric was a new one to me. Luckily, it too has blunt corners.

You're right cerulean, about those glyphs. After a few days break and with fresh eyes I found a couple of more points:
- Cross-beams of both /Q's are too heavy
- /z a little too heavy
- /f a little top heavy now maybe?

I'm starting to see lowercase glyphs based on the circle, as too heavy (/a, /b, /d, /g, /p, /q, /g.alt). Is it just me?

Sharp overshoots of /A, /M, /N, /V, /W, /M.alt and /W.alt seem a little too much. Those pop out in large point sizes, but blend in more in smaller sizes. I guess I found out why true sharp angles are not favored; a small cut at the tip might balance the overshoots when used in various sizes.

I'm really worried about the overall color of the text and the proportions of some glyphs. /w.alt should be wider, and also both /e's. I'm on the fence with the width of /y.

I'll run a few tests next...

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