How to suppress Fontlab dialog about regenerating OT kern table

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In Preferences: Generating OpenType: Kerning, I have checked the option that says "Generate OpenType "kern" feature if it is undefined or outdated."

Nevertheless, whenever I generate the font, at the end it pops a dialog saying that the kerning has changed and do I want to regenerate the OT kern feature. Yes Fontlab, of course I do.

How can I keep this dialog from appearing?

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Head FontLab off at the pass. Before you generate a font, as a matter of course select TOOLS > KERNING ASSISTANCE > Rebuild [kern] feature...

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That's an even longer step than the step he's trying to get rid of!

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You might not want to regenerate the kern table, if you have removed the kerning info everywhere but the OT feature, in order to make a font with only OT kerning.

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Problem is that the answer is not always "of course I do", like when generating kern feature with other tools than FLS5, when the answer is "of course not". :-/

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