TypeTalks2 Symposium in Poznan (PL), 18-19 June 2011

The two-days symposium will take place this year at the University of Arts in Poznań (Poland) on 18–19 June 2011. The theme of our conferences is type and typography. That is not going to change any time soon. This year we aim to accentuate the social aspect of the symposium. In the end, the word symposium refers to drinking party or convivial discussions held in ancient Greece. The two days will include exhibitions, an evening full of short type presentations (aka TypeShorts), party, and of course a day full of excellent lectures.


The super-low-cost early-bird registration is over in just one week! The registration ends on 6 June unless we run out of space earlier.

The Poznań TypeTalks is organized in collaboration with the University of Arts in Poznań and Foundation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.


Day 1, Saturday (ca. 12:00–21:30)

Exhibition opening

TypeShorts – an evening full shorts type presentations. Type designers and typographers will present their works as brief 5-minute ignite talks. Everybody is welcome to speak! Check the Call for TypeShorts. We have some great Shorters™ already.

Day 2, Sunday (9:30–22:30)

Indra Kupferschmid (DE)
Georg Trump’s less-known typefaces

Jacek Mrowczyk (PL)
Who is who in Polish type design

Martin Tiefenthaler (AT)
On the affective implications of good and bad typography

Jasso Lamberg (FI)
Transformer with a daily deadline

Lucas de Groot (DE/NL)
Designing large type families

Adam Twardoch (PL/DE)
Automated high-end typography: a field report

Akiem Helmling, Underware (DE/NL)
Carry on

Exhibition opening


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