3D 70's Effect

Been looking for hours on what this is called and how it can be accomplished (hopefully in indesign, illustrator, fireworks or photoshop!)

It's like a drop shadow, but different.
The shadow from the letters on the left side land down and to the right, the shadow from the letters on the right land down and the left, and the shadows in the middle go straight down.
It's like a Star Wars effect.

I attached a sample of something very similar to what I want to do.

I appreciate any help!



Hi there
70's effect?
This looks like a 3D render rather than a normal effect.
Of course you can accomplish the same in photoshop
but it will take you a good amount of time, as you have
to draw all the shadows by hand. There is also some
reflection on the text which would make it even harder
to do it by hand.

It would be easier to use Cinema 4D or something similar.

Sorry - the example I gave was more complex than I want to do.
I just want the "shadow" to be black.

This poster is pretty much exactly what I want to do in terms of the shadow.

Ah - that did the trick.
Thanks, Seb!