Bushwick Gothic

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This looks like a modified Stratum 1, but I similar personality in a typeface like this:

Are those little points added in by the designer, or are there existing typefaces like that?

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I'd be very surprised if these were not modifications made afterward for the specific project.
PS. The 'Cavalier' type looks pretty underdeveloped, so on those grounds it perhaps was drawn specifically for this project.

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Ah, okay, thanks David. I was just wondering if there are existing typefaces out there that have that style. If multiple designers are modifying fonts in the same way, there should be some. Know of any?

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Outside of the old woodtypes, not really. Silas Dilworth's Diego maybe.

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There are - a few - median-spurred sans serifs here:


None grecian though.

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Some other suggestions from Ryuk:

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Thanks so much guys - I didn't realize there was a term for this type of median/Tuscan style spur. None of the examples from MyFonts matched exactly, so maybe someone should create a proper gothic typeface with these spurs.

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