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SAIC heavy sans

apologies for the small image. any help with this is appreciated. i should know this…


I spent some time looking for this. The curved 'l' should help, and it looks very conventional, but I'm having no luck.

Anyone else have an idea?

- Mike Yanega

Just to prove I have been trying, this is similar to Jeremy Tankard's "Bliss", but the shape of the C is wrong and the heaviest Bliss weight isn't quite this heavy. Also found a font at MyFonts called "Haptic" which had sort of the right shapes, but has rounded strokes. Prelo, also at MyFonts, was similar, but had a straight 'l'.

The curved l and two-story g is a rare combination, and add the straight stem 'a', and I can find almost nothing similar. This suggests either a font not carried at MyFonts, or a font with an alternate letter that is not showing up in the test drives.

Anyone else?

- Mike Yanega

there's a giant billboard by my train stop. i'll get a better picture of it when i can. at first brush i thought it was milo sans or fedra, but obviously that's not the case.

Can it be The Sans with a custom l?

It could be Gloriola. Unfortunately the font is not available temporarily.

argh! got to be gloriola. thanks so much everyone. too bad it's not available now.

Great find Akira. I think that's the answer too.

- Mike Yanega