Rosetta celebrates Cyrillic day with discounts and new typeface

On 24 May, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and other countries that follow Eastern Ortodox tradition, celebrate Saints Cyril and Methodius day. This day also commemorates the invention of the Glagolitic and Cyrillicalphabets.

In the ninth century, Glagolitic was invented by two brothers known as the “Apostles of the Slavs” to translate Christian texts into the language of the Great Moravia region. Later on, in the 9–10th century, one of their disciples who moved to Bulgaria invented the Cyrillic alphabet as a derivative of the Glagolitic and Greek alphabets.

Rosetta type foundry is based today where Great Moravia used to be. We wish to celebrate the Cyrillic alphabet day with the two following announcements.

30 % discount

For the next few days we offer a 30 % discount on all our Cyrillic and Pan-European fonts (i.e. Skolar and Maiola). Use the code 457c59a7 during the checkout process. The offer ends on 29 May 2011, at 17:29 CET.

Neacademia sneak peak

We are proud to preview our new type family, Neacademia by Sergei Egorov. This excellent Latin and Cyrillic type family is a contemporary interpretation of the Aldine types from 15th century. Neacademia already proved its qualities in the Modern Cyrillic 2009 competition. The initial release of Text versions of regular and italic this June will be followed by a series of optical sizes (expected release in early 2012). Read more »

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