Natural Fonts?

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Here's my problem:

I need to do a business card for a fitness company. The keywords I'd like to see typeset are Natural and Fitness. But the face can't be too feminine--the company sells products to women and men alike, but the card will be for the head of the company who is a body-builder and tends to like strong styling and something that pops.

In regards to that last sentence, one product that sells through the company currently uses GeoSlab (extra bold and in caps).

Perhaps there's something that might work harmoniously with the Geoslab face and still speaks to the requirement for being Natural.

Anything come to mind? Thanks. I'm stumped and looking for inspiration.

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I find Paradigm to be distinctly soft or ‘natural’ without being overly feminine. I might even call the extra bold weight muscular.

Is something like Anchor too soft/rounded?

What is the GeoSlab font you mention? Is it one of these?
Perhaps just a thinner weight of what has already been used could do the trick...

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Yes it's one of those Geo's. may be right about the thinner weight. I really did think the light weight was quite pretty the other day.

The card was quickly designed using a lot of black to match a pop-up banner, hence the thins didn't look so hot. But, being "natural," I decided it really needs to be a white/negative space type of card, so I'll try again using the thinner weights.

Any suggestions may still be relevant but I think it's probably answered.

Thanks Aaron

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Generally speaking "natural" is signified in type by details that look hand-made.
I recommend a humanist sans, such as my Sensibility.

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