I'm Prelo Slab, a good looking guy. Will you marry me ?

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Joined: 12 Dec 2010 - 9:03am
I'm Prelo Slab, a good looking guy. Will you marry me ?

Hello guys

I'm trying to find suitable life partner for one good looking guy, call Prelo Slab.
He will be the highlight, the head, the headline in my brochure print work, for local property developer. I try to find him a suitable, easy on the eye partner, for the body part of the design, anything head down.

I'm not certain it's a right choice to start with, but the developer's projects are very grey, glass, concrete, minimalist like designs, which I find very suitable for Prelo use.

Would you be kind to please make some recommendations, which other typeface I could marry with it, one that also looks fine in small print ?

Your time and expertise greatly appreciated.

Best regards


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Joined: 22 Apr 2008 - 5:06pm

Something that won't take Prelo's thunder away: Frutiger, perhaps?

(Based on eyeballing letterforms and weights.)

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Since I'm not a believer of sans for text, I would try to find the most
readable slab, and see if it works with Prelo Slab. Or you could try a
wedge-serif font, like my multiple-award-winning Patria, which has
a sober, no-nonsense feel while maintaining very high readability.
Charset in this Creative Review spread: http://themicrofoundry.com/ad/CR.pdf


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Why don’t you choose the Sans version of Prelo?