Sans serif font from medication logo

Hey all,

Was wondering if you could help me identify this font:

It may be two different fonts, not positive

Thank you!


It could be two different versions of Kabel. The bold lettering looks like ITC Kabel, but the lower case isn't right, because of the 'a'. The 'a' in Adobe's Kabel looks closer. There are several other Kabel versions, including Kaapeli from Tomi Haaparanta, but in most of them the boldest weights have flattened vertices on the N, or the l.c. 'a' isn't right.

- Mike Yanega

Kabel (not ITC Kabel!).

Hi Jan, the heavy weight of Kabel has the wrong N and P, but ITC Kabel matches. I am just taking about the bold caps. I agree with you for the lower case.

- Mike Yanega

Yes Mike. You’re right. I didn’t check the caps properly.