Type Palette Critique

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I would love to hear opinions from all, especially from the senior members, about this type palette.

It is comprised of Gotham Condensed, Klavika, and Unit Slab.

Does it work? Are their potential traps with this combo? If it doesn't work, why?

(this was just a thrown-together example, so please ignore little details)


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At first glance it seems you only need 2 of the 3 typefaces here. But what really matters is the content and the audience. Without knowing what this type is meant to convey, we can't say whether it works.

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With the squareness of both Klavika and Unit, the roundness of Gotham seems a bit out of place.

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Consider, for example, you want a critique on your palette of colors. Our first question would be: what are you painting?

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Interesting comments! Although it is dummy text, it is sort of in the right neighbourhood, content-wise. Think: a magazine about science and art.

If I replace Gotham Condensed with Klavika Condensed, it looks like this:

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That certainly feels right for the content. The Klavika/Unit Slab is an interesting combination and it works ok. If you intend to use them both in the same line, keep in mind that FF Unit (sans) was made specifically for this purpose (same proportions, x-height). But of course it can be more interesting to do something unexpected. BTW, I wouldn't space the text that tight if you go any smaller.

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Thanks Stephen. Can you elaborate a little on your Klavika/Unit comments? I had considered Unit Sans, but it lacked the techy-ness I wanted. Klavika had a bit more "edge" but still shared some of Unit's character, in my eyes (especially the 'K'and 'M').

I used auto-kerning for this example and I think I squeezed it a little tight. I would definitely let it relax at smaller sizes.

Also, any tips for using these two in the same line?

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All those condensed faces, tightly set, the feeling is aggressively claustrophobic—at least, on the pages of Typophile.
Let the typography breathe.
However, without seeing several pages of the magazine at actual size, in print, with colour and pictures, I wouldn't want to pass final judgement.

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I have no comment on the type mix, but why not have the Scientists line align left and right with the headline? Also those four lines of text could look a lot better as a justified block rather than that odd rag.

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The Unit Slab Light in all caps [or small caps?] looks very tight. I think the copy below looks fine unjustified.

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