What if there were an Indie Fonts 4?

What if there were an Indie Fonts 4? Which foundries would you like to see represented?

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Not sure about tha possible requirements, or the already featured, here are some names:

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My copies of the original books are in storage so I may be suggesting foundries that have been in already but -

OurType, Jeremy Tankard, Storm Type, Latino Type, Type Trust, Kimera Type, Dalton Maag, Rosetta type, The foundry..

I will be interested to hear what others say.

Depending on when it happens, maybe Cyreal too, or even my own Sorkin Type Co!

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Good suggestions.

Already featured in the last 3 volumes:

Indie Fonts (1): Altered Ego, Astigmatic, Carter & Cone, Chank Company, Font Diner, fontBoy, Fountain, Garage Fonts, IHOF, Letterror, P22, Psy-Ops, Synfonts, Test Pilot Collective, Typebox, Typeco, Typodermic, Typotheque

INDIEFONTS 2: Atomic Media, Feliciano Type Foundry, Galapagos, Holland Fonts, Identikal, Ingo Fonts, Jukebox, MvB Fonts, Neufville, Nick's Fonts, No Bodoni Typography, Parkinson Type Design, Mark Simonson Studio, Sherwood Type Collection, Storm Type Foundry, Terminal Design, Underware, Union Fonts, You Work for Them

INDIEFONTS 3: Baseline Fonts, Blue Vinyl Fonts, Device Fonts, E-phemera Fonts, Font Brothers, Handselecta, Jeremy Tankard Typography, Kenn Munk, Letterhead Fonts, Pizzadude, Positype, Process Type Foundry, Rimmer Type Foundry, Shinntype, SparkyType, Suitcase Type Foundry, Suomi Type Foundry, Village, Virus Fonts, Wilton Foundry

Possible requirements? Just that they are an recently established independent foundry with a fairly decent sized collection to show.

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Thanks, Riccardo, for the nod.

How about Kris Sowersby's Klim Type Foundry or Nick Cooke's G-Type? Or Darden Studio?

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I guess that means that K-Type is too old...

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