Logo Critique

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I Would like to hear some feedback in this logo design. The mark says "Al Qasr in Arabic which means The Palace in english. I'm not quite sure if I did the calligraphy just fine as my knowledge in Arabic language is close to none.

Thank you for looking!

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The mark is really nice! The kerning in "THE PALACE" needs some work though. Look at the space between each letter, and compare it in pairs.

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wow! wouldn't know what the meaning behind the mark, but looks great. well executed amigo.

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Uh-oh! It seems the client is planning to change the name which means this might end up in the recycle bin :(

Will keep you posted guys.

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been there. good luck. what a shame. =|

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I hope you can use the mark for something, it's really nice. By the way, the long tag line ("The Palace is a royal house...") reads kind of awkwardly to a native English speaker (not sure if you are one or not, or who wrote it).

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