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Finally, after years of development and months of testing...

We're proud to announce the unveiling of a new site dedicated to gathering information on writing systems - ScriptSource:

ScriptSource is a dynamic, collaborative reference to the writing systems of the world, with detailed information on scripts, characters, languages - and the remaining needs for supporting them in the computing realm. It currently contains only a skeleton of information, and so depends on your participation in order to grow and assist others.

A major goal of ScriptSource is to enable the development of software that supports minority writing systems, including fonts, keyboards, sorting routines and typographic rendering systems. We hope that the site will draw together the design, computing and linguistic communities to meet these needs and increase global multilingual computing.

ScriptSource is currently sponsored, developed and maintained by SIL International (, a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development.

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Thank you!


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Congratulations. It looks promising.

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You’ll need to decide on HTML- or XHTML-flavoured markup. H5 cannot come after H2. The homepage URL is ridiculous.

Red as link colour but green as a:link:hover colour?

There are numerous other issues with code quality.

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What about the content?


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Joe -

I'd be the first to admit that we could improve our code. I'd love to have you point out our most embarrassing errors and help us get them cleaned up, but please let me know in a private message so we don't bore others (and save a little face here). Thanks.


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Hover colour: Something with more blue might be better for those with red/green blindness.

My only major grumble may well be a quirk with the old browsers (Firefox 2 and K-Meleon 1.5) on the backup machine: The boxes wind up zig-zagged.

joeclark: H5 cannot come after H2.

Where the W3 does it say that?

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Don't worry, gaultney...the regulars around here have gotten used to ignoring the joe-isms.

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hmmm, devolving into a code discussion. THIS, I know something about.

H5 can come after H2, but it oughtn't. HTML exists to semantically mark up your content so that different systems can properly interpret it. You are in effect saying:

(here's my second-level heading) Our Promises (end of my second-level heading)
(here's a paragraph) We have several promises for you. (end of the paragraph)
(here's my fifth-level heading) Logic (end of my fifth-level heading)
(here's a paragraph) We promise to be logical. We know that it's important that we make sense. (end of the paragraph)
(here's my fifth-level heading) Clarity (end of my fifth-level heading)
(here's a paragraph) We promise to be clear. We know that it's important that we communicate. (end of the paragraph)
(here's my fifth-level heading) Professionalism (end of my fifth-level heading)
(here's a paragraph) We promise to be professional. We know that we'll look silly if we don't. (end of the paragraph)

"But wait," I hear you exclaim. "What marks up the beginning and end of a sentence?"

Capital letters and punctuation.

"What marks up words?"


Anyways, I hope at least a little of that made sense.

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I agree that h5 shouldn't come after h2, and it's been on the long list of bugs to fix. We can use a validator, too, and had a choice whether to produce perfect, clean code or to get this useful site into everyone's hands all that much sooner. Still, our browser testing shows only minor difficulties, primarily our tab handling on IE6. :-)

What we'd really like is to have you play with the site and explore all that is within. If you're a type designer, do you think this will be useful to you? Let us know that you think are the most useful features, and what you'd like us to improve. What other information would you like to see on the site? What questions do you have? Thanks!

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Yes, content > presentation, always.

Feature request: Unicode proposals a script might have in the pipeline.


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Hrant - we do have some of those, or rather links to them. See the following entries:

Cyrillic extensions
Arabic extensions

We hope that ScriptSource will become a gathering place of information for new Unicode proposals. For example, there will likely need to be some additions to the Tai Viet script block, and the many documents on the Tai Viet script pages will help a great deal.

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But check the DIV floats. In Safari i got all the content columns on the right pushed down to where the content of the left info column ends. So basically the pages appear almost empty.

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