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small business branding, web dev, marketing company

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Andrew Jones's picture
Joined: 27 Jun 2010 - 3:03pm
small business branding, web dev, marketing company

I am in the process of developing a logo and website for my company. The company does branding, web development, and marketing for small businesses. I hand drew this logo and reworked it in illustrator. I wanted it to have fresh energy and inspire people to get creative and excited about developing their identity. How am doing so far?

Tim Aarts's picture
Joined: 18 Jan 2010 - 10:50am

I like it's uniqueness. I like the angle.

The letters apear to walk and the dots on the i apear to have a nose. I don't know if that is the effect that you intended. Somehow I find that a bit awkward.

Maybe some of your letters are a bit too consistent in stroke width.

The a just doesn't seem to fit in. Maybe you should explorer some new curves!

Good luck!