Contemporary Devanagari sign painting fonts

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Hello. I've been a longtime lurker. This is my first post.

I'm designing a type-based mural and am looking for a Devanagari display font to use in creating digital mockups. The font should be contemporary with a heavy, sign-painted look, but without large differences between the thicks and thins (see sample below). This Devanagari font will be paired with a hand-lettered slab serif I'm working on.

Recommendations of foundries with emphasis on Devanagari fonts would be tremendously helpful.

I'm surprised how difficult this has been to find, but I may be limited by only being able to search in English. I've found mostly free fonts of questionable quality or fonts that mimic Devanagari with stylized roman characters (bah!).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best wishes,

(photo credit: EmilyDanger at deviantART)

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A friend pointed me to this link, which I had missed on all prior searches somehow. Joe Pemberton's blog has an entry titled, “Indian Type Foundry (ITF) Launches”, referencing the launch of Indian Type Foundry.

About halfway down in the comments, Dan Reynolds gives a very helpful rundown of the state of Indic scripts.

Kohinoor Devanagari may work for me, but I'd still like to find a few more brushier options. Any suggestions are still welcome. If I find others, I'll post them here.

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You may like to use bing for a change (which give results similar to google of yesteryear/s). Search for 'Hindi Devanagari Fonts' or 'Unicode Devanagari Fonts'.
I have designed a text font with Latin and Nagari glyphs; but no heavy or black type.

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