Didot? Shaded?


I have two questions concerning the typeface the upper part of the text, i.e. "NO.357 | L.17", is set in:

1. My best guess is that it is Didot. Am I right?

2. Irrespective of the answer to the first question, what keyword should I be using when searching for typefaces with lines running through the strokes of characters as in this sample? I thought "shaded" would be a good starting point, and it indeed got me some good results. Could you suggest any other keywords that will get me typefaces similar to the one used in the image?



Looks like Engravers to me..the "Lune A Veirnes" might be Didot..but my guess is Bodoni.

Shaded? There are only a few typefaces that have this..but it's not hard to do it yourself in a graphics editing programme. I believe The Font Feed has a tutorial.

@Yehan: I'm not quite a DIY person when it comes to graphic design. Thanks for the tip, though.

@Gustav: That's exactly what I was looking for. The family includes Turkish glyphs, which renders your help all the more valuable. Thanks a lot.