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New York Times Style "T" Magazine Online/Print Font Header Font?

I'm looking for the variation on the classic New York Times font that can be found on the T Magazine website and in the print editions as a sub-header and occasionally header. Any help is greatly appreciated.

NY Times won't allow copying of images, so I only have links. And of the pages have it at the top, labeled "Women's Fashion", "Men's Fashion", "Design", "Travel", etc.

Try here
Or here

Thank you so much.


You can find on Commercial Type's Facebook page photo section it states that 'In June 2009, Berton Hasebe drew Karl, a hairline blackletter display type, exclusively for T, the New York Times Style Magazine. Karl is based on NYT Fraktur originally drawn by Matthew Carter.'


It goes on to say that it's "drawn in the style of our upcoming Marian family, designed by Paul Barnes."

Update: Commercial Type's "Marian Black" is significantly different than Karl-Hairline, the font that's still being used by the New York Times T-magazine. Marian Black is more of a Fraktur, and shares little with Karl-Hairline other than a general blackletter-like appearance.