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Florentin 2D

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Florentin 2D

Angular Old Style by Viktor Kharyk is usable as display font, for non-formal texts, especially poetry, for children books and virtual games about adventures, history, and pirates and includes some original ornament set. By stylistic it connects with Italian Renaissance,Czechian types of the first half of 20th century and cut technology.
Open Type (technical support by Constantine Golovchenko) has such Stylistic Sets:
ss01 changes numerals to lower case,
ss02 changes Cyrillic vowels on stressed vowels with acute,
ss03 changes грн. and руб. on currency signs,
ss04 activates the Balkan alternates in italic.
Basic alphabets have also initial forms usable with init or swsh or from table Glyphs.
Special system helps to set Cyrillic stressed vowels from keyboard using vowel+%.
Type family includes 4 text fonts and 4 display ones and supports European Latin and European Cyrillic.