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i am currently designing a logo/ID for myself. i already have a base of a logo under a different name but i wanted to try something insorporating my name.

i have been trying for weeks to create a ambigram piece that i like, but have not yet come up with something i have grown fond of. i have experimented with different fonts but all i seem to be doing is creating more things that im not too keen on.

i was hoping someone could help me to create something that is fluid and easy to work out, yet still have a sense of modern design. i am willing to use and fonts/styles.

i'll start with a blue peter moment, here is one i made earlier:

ps. the name i am using is LOWE.

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Some words are just very difficult to make into an ambigram. If you are set on the idea, I would start with a lot of sketching, and work out some ideas of how each letter will transform into the other, and what style will both enable readability and communicate the right brand themes. What you have now feels very rigid and is almost entirely unreadable. Have you explored something more script based? And maybe try a reflected ambigram rather than a rotational one? Hope that helps!

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thanks. yes i have tried with other fonts like calligrpahic and serif fonts but the transition between the o and w is quite hard for me to produce. i will try and add some sketches i have done to show my preliminary ideas, but like i said i am willing to use a range of fonts. many thanks for your help.

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