1880s or 1980s Ad for Boston-based Banjo Maker

I'm trying to identify the typeface in this advertisement for a Boston-based banjo company, from the late nineteenth century:


(Also attached as banjofont.jpg.)

Does anyone recognize it?

Thanks so much,


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Thanks, @riccard0. My apologies for the mistake.

For Musical Instruments, check out Granville.

The ornate 'Banjo' lettering is 'Bijou', also digitized as 'Bangle'. Bijou was a McKellar, Smiths & Jordan typeface from 1883.

- Mike Yanega

I have been looking in my books for the 'normal' looking serif, but so far I have not spotted it in any of the books I have.

Which typeface were you trying to identify, in particular?

- Mike Yanega

The one used in "Banjo Makers and Teachers," particularly, although I do like the "normal" looking serif, as well.


The closest resemblance I can find so far to the plain serif is Quorum Light, for something available in digital form. I will search a bit more in the MyFonts collection.

- Mike Yanega