Does anyone know if Tempo Medium Italic was digitized?

I was sent a sample from an old book from the Thirties that turned out to be Middleton's Tempo Medium Italic from about 1930. It's a sans typeface (shown in the Jaspert Encyclopaedia of Type Faces), but it has baseline serifs on a number of letters (a, d, h, i, l, m, n and t) only for this weight and the light weight.

The only Tempo digitizations I can find that use the name 'Tempo' are the grunged Tempo Medium from Red Rooster, which is the Roman only, and the Heavy Condensed version from Monotype/Agfa.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a digitized version of the italic in the lighter weights?


- Mike Yanega


Judging by the previous threads on Tempo (, it seems unlikely.

I didn't know other tempo digitalization.
Why not use Futura medium Italic?

The Tempo italic is quite distinctive due to the baseline serifs. The person who sent the ID request was hoping to locate a digital version. Mark's post on the 10490 thread shows this (thanks Riccardo. I had forgotten that thread, which I posted in.) Futura, while similar in other ways does not have that design.

I guess I will accept that it's not (yet) in digital form. Bummer!

- Mike Yanega