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I recently read "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac... really liked it, and now I'm trying to design my personal cover for it.
The illustration is not 100% finished; but what I'm most worried about right now is the type... so if you'd take the time and help me choose the most appropriate type treatment, that would be great. :)
Of course, beside just choosing a design, I'll be also happy to hear some new suggestions as well as overall critique of the cover!


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Nice concept, if a bit too much orange, perhaps ;-)

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Hahah... maybe. :)
But here's a new, less-orangy version. ;)
I'm a little worried about the "Jack Kerouac" type on the bottom. Not really sure it fits the rest. Any suggestions about that?

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I like the car hood. I like the white line in the road and the white letters for On The Road. I like the edgy tilted horizon. The author's name looks okay, but for an alternate look you could go with Jack Kerouac in a sans serif font (first and last name treated the same) along the lower edge of the book cover. Can you put some of that red from the hood into the sky to increase the contrast with the white letters? I am not sure specifically how. Maybe emanating from the sun (or is that the moon?) or in some other way. A gray sky does not seem right for this book.

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Definitely prefer the sharply angled text for the title. What I find uncomfortable about the Author's name is the way it touches the bottom of the page - makes me want to pull it up a bit. I liked the orange but I don't know the book or the author - and you've probably finished this one by now anyway!


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Thank you for your input!
Here is the new (final?) version..

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