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Dutch Antiqua

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Joined: 12 Aug 2007 - 4:05pm
Dutch Antiqua

I started drawing this Dutch-sort-of text serif.

Influenced by classical 16th-18th century Dutch and French designs by Plantin, Haultin, Fleischmann, Rosart and Fournier, and also drawing inspiration from modern interpretations like Renard, Collis, Dolly and Arnhem. I drew this from the inside out, starting with the counterspaces as an experiment in getting the glyphs to click widthwise.

This is intended as a book face at 9pt.

At this early stage, what I'm mostly worried about is that there may be too many things going on. The caps and lowercase are quite different in style, not sure if that can work. If the two cases need reconciling more, which features should I change?

Also, do the caps need a bit more height?

Briän M Zick's picture
Joined: 8 Nov 2008 - 9:38pm

The caps would benefit from some height. Probably simplifying the caps a little would help too.

Looks great.

matt yow's picture
Joined: 8 Mar 2010 - 9:35pm

I like the cap height —even more so the descenders. The healthy x-height will be great for the point size and extended copy. Maybe the lower left contour of the /G/ could use more weight: not bolder, just lower.

K Cerulean Pease's picture
Joined: 19 Oct 2003 - 5:03pm

I think the top of the bowl of the p is too heavy. It stands out, not only because it's a dark spot, but also by making the counter noticeably low.