70's Multiline font

Just wondering if anybody could help me identify this retro multiline font from the 70's.
It came from the "Handbook Of Freestyle Skateboard Tricks"

I noticed it also shares similar characteristics of the typeface on the Letraset catalog cover, only the "Freestyle" typeface has fewer lines.

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I haven’t time to check, but I suspect you will find it here: http://www.bowfinprintworks.com/LinedFontGuide01.html

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the "Freestyle" typeface has fewer lines

It's probably the same typeface--Stripes--customized...

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Okay, after investigating a little more I found this

So I'm guessing it's a variant of the Stripes family. Does anybody know where I can find these at?

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Thanks oldnick! I just noticed you beat me to it.

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The multiline Stripes was digitized by Profonts as Stripes.

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