Light Ultra Condensed, 70s Typeface?

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Hi Guys,

This has been hassling me for the last few days. Any one know what this typeface is?

Saw this on a Vimeo and fell in love with it. This typeface was skewed and used on the poster frame -

Note - I Have straightened the type for the preview attached here.

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Tall Films seems very similar by letterforms, but too thin.

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Thanks Renko,

Its quite close. I know the other Slab Serif typeface is Grover Slab. Just can't seem to place this one! :(

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I think it is Tall Films (the Expanded style), artificially emboldened. Other than the clumsy K, even the awful curve of S match.

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Hi guys,

@Renko and @Riccard thanks for your input. I tried 'Tall films' typeface but it does not seem to be it. I get the feeling that this typeface is URW SNV Volume.

Check it here -

Thanks again for your help!

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