TypeCon 2011

So who's headed to TypeCon? They've just posted their schedule for the 5-day typography extravaganza taking place in New Orleans, July 5-10. If you've never gone, TypeCon is a blast and very inspiring. Half the fun is meeting up with people you're interacting with daily on Typophile. You'll be glad you went! Full details here: http://www.typecon.com/program.

Which speaker/event are you most looking forward to?


It's a good thing the program was posted so late, otherwise I might not have gone. Seems sort of dull to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing Ed Benguiat. He is the only person I have ever met who pronounces my Sicilian last name like it was Jewish.

I was at the first TypeCon, and every one I've been to
has indeed been seared into my most pleasant memories!

> Which speaker/event are you most looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to embarrassing myself even more than last year:
Who wants to join me? :-)


I encourage anyone unhappy about the late posting of the conference program to volunteer for a board position so you can help make the process faster.

I'll be there, and look forward to seeing you all. And I predict everyone will enjoy hearing about the Great Readability Scandal, even James M. :)