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Hi everybody,

I'm doing a typeface for a kindergarten company and this is where I am at the moment. This is all in optical since I haven't done kerning yet, but hopefully you can get something out of it and give some feedback.

Thank you for your time!


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Hello Jaakko,

It would be helpful for the people who will give you feedback to know how your typeface will be used, i.e. the typeface will be used for signage or for setting document texts.

I will retain from making any comments on the design as I'm no expert.


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The typeface will be used on web and print. Both as display and body. I will also make bold and italic.

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So this is meant to be read by 4-5 year olds? The /g/ is very odd and the /y/ too. Usually one would try to keep the standard forms of letters for those just learning to recognize them. What exactly was the goal of using a custom face instead of one of the many available ones?

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Mainly the parents of the kids will be reading the text. Mainly kids will learn to read when their school starts, during Kindergarten only few according to my knowledge will learn to read, reading is not taught in Kindergarten. In kindergarten kids ages vary from 3-6 years olds.

The goal of using a custom typeface is to create a visual identity that has it's own characteristics starting from the simplest form in itself, letter. The custom typeface is meant to be both playful and stylish and is used also in the company's logotype without modifications.

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I think you have succeeded in creating something which has a definite style. I particularly like the k and j and y.
I would look at the lower case s again - it doesn't feel balanced to me, seems to be leaning forwards whereas most of the letters are very upright. I also would suggest restyling the lower case e - for me there is too much weight on top or it seems to sit lower as if the mid-line drops and it breaks up the flow when I am reading it.
Lastly, just the tapering on the m and n aren't quite perfect, imo.

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Thank you Tanya!:) I have to admit that i feel like e, n, m are the hardest letters to make. I tried to fix few things, but maybe e needs still work? And tapering of h, n, m, u also?

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And another example.

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I think that, at least at text sizes, y’s tail looks leaning to the right, and g’s lower bowl could be a bit larger.

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Tried to fix the y.

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I tried out the italic and here's result.

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I think it’s way too subtle to work well along the roman.

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