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Chicago Bulls

Looking for a close match to this, many thanks.


Thanks, that was my first port of call, however I didn't feel that any of the fonts matched, especially the height and the positioning of serifs such as on the R.

Is this a proprietary version of a generic style?

I can always add the outline, the basic shapes are most important.

I think the outlines are added, even in the original image - the 4 is outlined differently on the front and back.

This one (was listed in the overview) comes pretty close though:

Thanks for your commitment Eike!
There are quite a few differences… R, A, S…
Sorry to be pedantic – it's for a direct parody so the details are quite important, not just the overall impression.

Thanks again.

Fairly easy changes to make mind…

I am going to draw the letters, no excuse, I’m a lazy devil.