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New Release: Nassim in OpenType

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Joined: 12 Feb 2011 - 11:33am
New Release: Nassim in OpenType

We are excited to release the award-winning Nassim by Titus Nemeth.

The typeface is – thanks to its use by BBC Arabic and BBC Persian – one of the most read webfonts in the world today with around 56 milion readers each month. It was first released in 2008 with the Tasmeem software. With the current new and revised release in OpenType technology, Nassim is, for the first time, now available for all mainstream software environments, allowing for high quality Arabic typesetting across platforms and media. It lends itself equally well to Arabic and Farsi, thanks to the dedicated Persian letter drawings.

Nassim comes in four weights with “Nassim Latin” supporting more than 63 languages using Latin script, and “Nassim Arabic”with additional support for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. Pan-European Latin is included in all fonts by default.

Nassim received acclaim from its first public appearances. It was awarded the ‘Certificate of Excellence in Type Design’ at the TDC² 2007, first prize for ‘Original Typeface Design’ at the European Design awards 2007, and was shortlisted as ‘Design of the Year 2007’ by the Design Museum London and featured in the accompanying show.

Read more about the family at: http://www.rosettatype.com/Nassim