ISTD Student Awards 2011 at Design Museum London

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Celebrating tomorrow's typographic stars

The International Society of Typographic Designers [ISTD] hosted its annual Student Assessment awards evening at the Design Museum, London on Friday 17 June.

The museum provided an appropriate setting to introduce this year's cohort of elite graphic design students from the UK and Europe to their new-found professional qualification, including a private viewing of the acclaimed exhibition 'Wim Crouwel, a Graphic Odyssey'.

Professor Erik Spiekermann, a director and Past President of the Society, presented ISTD membership certificates to students who successfully responded to this year's edition of notoriously challenging ISTD project briefs. With an average of just 30 per cent of all entries meeting the required standard, the typographic stars of tomorrow can be justifiably proud of the MISTD initials they can now place after their name.

Professor John McMillan, ISTD Education Director, said, ‘As design educators perform in increasingly challenging conditions, we know from experience that their students benefit from the discipline needed to meet complex but well-structured design tasks.

The ISTD Student Assessment project briefs are set by a team of educators and practitioners, to support graphic design education curricula while giving students further insight into the process and creativity they will need to apply in professional practice. Every successful submission has met stringent assessment criteria, identified in a multiple stage process carried out by dozens of highly qualified assessors. We do not know of a more stringent, internationally recognised student assessment scheme.

The Assessment is growing rapidly around the world, for good reason. In addition to increasing involvement from European countries, the scheme is now established in Australia, the Middle East, New Zealand and South Africa.’

The International Society of Typographic Designers, ISTD, is a professional body run by and for typographers, graphic designers and educators. The Society has an international membership, all of whom share its mission to establish and maintain standards of typography and to provide a forum for debate.

For further information on ISTD please email: or for ISTD education matters please mail:

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