Brand Perfect Tour Kicks Off Third Event of Series in New York City

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The New York arm of The Brand Perfect™ Tour is taking place on June 22 at The Ney Center at Young & Rubicam Group, 285 Madison Avenue, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Launched in May, The Brand Perfect Tour is a series of global forums hosted in London, then Munich and now in New York City, which bring together brands, brand managers, directors, designers and developers in a unique exchange of communication and discovery. The Brand Perfect Tour is not a singular company, a specific brand, or any one profession or organization – it’s ALL of that. It’s an open exchange of ideas, strategies, processes and technologies designed to improve brand consistency and the user experience in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Join us in New York to share knowledge and discuss the collective challenges of building, maintaining, growing and delivering a unified customer experience. A task made increasingly more complex and demanding by real-time technological advances, multi-channel interactions and the unpredictable fluidity in consumer trends and “click-thru” behavior.

More information on the event and speakers can be found here. Reservations for the Brand Perfect Tour can be made at

Speakers include:
Chuck Bigelow, Rochester Institute of Technology
Dan Rhatigan, Senior Type Designer
Dennis Michael Dimos, Monotype Imaging
Doug Wilson, Film Director
John Oswald, Fjord
Julie Strawson, Monotype Imaging
Lee Aldridge, Young & Rubicam Group
Paul Owen, Landor Associates, New York
Rietje Gieskes, Landor Associates, New York
Steve Matteson, Monotype Imaging
Mike Lundgren, VML

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