(x) font similar to Akkurat - various {Marc O}

I’m a student looking to use “akkurat — fett” (example can be found on www.lineto.com) however I can not afford their price since its just for a school assignment and I’m broke.

Does anyone know of something really similar that would be free or at least cheaper? I’m going to use it for a fictional swiss idustrial design company. The logo I designed can be found on www.totre.com using the akkurat typeface, but the screen capture I used to create it isn’t good enough for a high-res poster I need to make.


The design approach you’re using would seem to work with almost any sturdy grotesque. Why not use Helvetica or Arial, one of which is almost certainly included with the operating system on your computer?

The name of the company is short enough that modifying any Helv/Arial characters you found offensive wouldn’t take very long. And then you’d have a truly custom type treatment, not just a line of type next to a logo.

See this thread on Typographica as well, namely my entry of
Apr 28, 2004 03:42 PM.