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Alcala: new text font available from 205

Alcalá is based on the document “Biblia poliglota complutense”, aka Bible polyglotte d'Alcalá.
It was the first edition of a complete polyglot Bible, as well as the first printed version of New Testament in Greek, the Seventy and Targoum Onkelos. Conceived between 1502 and 1517, it was thought, financed and largely by cardinal Francisco Gimenez de Cisneros.
The first drawings go back to 1995. A second version was started in 2011 in order to answer the ordering of a publisher to compose a Bible based on the translation revised of J. N. Darby in French and Madagascan. Drawings are optimized for uses in small sizes.
Alcalá is developped in three cuts: roman, italic and bold. With Titling capitals and figures (roman), Small capitals (roman and bold), lining figures, old style figures, superior figures (roman, italic and bold), specific ligatures (italic), superior letters (roman, italic and bold).