50s Western Movie Poster - RIDE BEYOND VENGEANCE

Hi there!
Do you guys think this was hand drawn? Or can you recommend anything close?



The E's look different, so I would say hand-drawn.

I have two suggestions that might give a similar feel, but not exact duplication at all:

Applewood, or Wickenburg.

- Mike Yanega

Yeah, I assume it's hand drawn, but I thought I'd see if there was something out there I was missing.


Hmmm. Just an idea -- I tried putting Engravers MT Bold over Antique Olive Nord D as a base and joined them with pathfinder. Obviously some don't work *quite* so much! Maybe a quick way to get started, maybe not. Of course you'd still have to beat them up a little. ;)

As Wanda says, your best option would probably be to use a non distressed font and subsequently add the desired effect.
Correo (http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/intellecta/correo/) is similar, albeit less blocky.

Excellent suggestions, guys! Thanks!

if it's western movies then it must be good just like my idol Clint